Nancy L Purington

Art Consultant / Lead Artist / Curator

Nancy L Purington

As evidenced in nature, we feel restored in beauty. Placing the grace note in each perspective by enhancing light, balance and harmony can establish welcoming and comforting atmospheres to support well-being.

Paintings, mural design, sculptures, textile design, interior paint colors and mixed-media artworks on all scales for site-specific, corporate and private interiors are the tools of our trade.

Developing win-win relationships for artists and clients is our goal.

Hospice Meditation Room Artwork, Mercy Iowa City

Amish Quilt Designs Brighten Hospital Walls

Quilt designs created by staff members at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City Iowa are stenciled onto hospital, stairwell walls as a spot of brightness where no artifacts can be attached. Amish quilt designs were the inspiration as Mercy IC is home to a nearby Amish community and recipient of an Amish Quilt Collection donated by Alan and Nina Weinstein.

Professionally photographed, printed, matted and framed these designs also enhance a corridor in the Mercy Hospice Unit.

A quilt design and stencil workshop for volunteer participants was lead by Nancy Purington, Art Consultant at Mercy IC.

HEALTH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, May, 2006, Vol. 19, #5, p. 7. Quilt Designs Brighten Hospital Stairwells


Pediatrics Clinic

Reception Lobby & Corridors

Concept Narrative: PRAIRIE WETLANDS

Iowa City is located in a geographic region of prairie and wetland life.

The Iowa River and Lake Macbride are familiar, local destinations where all ages enjoy beauty and mystery in nature together.

Aspects of these familiar lands and waters are created into pastel paintings.

Artworks in the lobby are framed in round frames and painted to match woodwork.

Round frames indicate nautical aspects in architecture.

Interior Corridors use photographic images from nature surrounding our community: Clouds, Cattails, Queen Anne's Lace, Water lilies, Ducks, Water.

All of the above creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for all ages.

Tasks Completed

  • Concept Narrative
  • New paint colors for walls and woodwork in Reception Lobby, Interior Corridors, Dr. Offices, Exam Rooms, Bathrooms.
  • Commissioned Artworks created specifically for Pediatrics Care.
  • Local artists commissioned to fabricate a sense of place and build community.

Interior Corridor Concept Images:

Contemporary Private Life

Integrated Art Collection